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    How do I get started?

    Take us up on our special Relationship Tune-Up or our eCourse & Skype Coaching Package: 7 Secrets of Relationship Masters: Get & Keep the Relationship You Want that includes 2 hrs of Skype or Phone Coaching and provides an immersive experience of the many of the change principles we use in a condensed format. Or if you would like to begin counselling/therapy/coaching on a specific issue, contact us for a Complimentary 15-min consult or to arrange booking of your first session. (Typically we can see you within a week of receiving your inquiry, in urgent cases, we may be able to see you within 24-72 hrs).

    For the fastest response times: Let us know your: (1) full availability for the next 2 weeks including the soonest you are available for a call or session, (2) your city (and if outside of Vancouver, Canada, your Province, State, and Country), (3) preference for Skype, Phone, or In-Person–at your home, or our Vancouver or Langley, location.

    How much is it?

    Though we act from a step-by-step, tool-based, coaching/consulting approach which is different than many traditional talk therapists, we are Canadian Certified Counsellors certified by the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, so most funding sources recognize us.

    Crime Victims Assistance Program – If victim, witness, or family member of victim of a crime (including abuse) usual coverage is 12-24 Sessions for adultsNo limit if under 18.

    Provincial Autism Funding – Family Counseling/Therapy – Up to $6000/year is covered (Richard has experience as a Behaviour Interventionist and Specialist; all team members have experience in approved forms of family therapy).

    Most Extended Health Insurance Companies – Pacific Blue Cross, Equitable Life, Greenshield, SunLife, etc.

    Please expect to pay up-front–bring cash, cheque, or Interac e-transfer–and we will assist you in the necessary paperwork for reimbursement. If you are unsure you will be covered, ask before-hand and we’ll assist you in finding out.

    We believe it is our calling to provide the same level of high-quality services we give our corporate clients to those not normally able to afford it or are near the poverty line. If you are a brand-new entrepreneur who has quit their job, a student, or single parent you will almost certainly receive a significantly discounted rate.

    All rates are set at, or below, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)/BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) Guidelines.

    • Singles, Couples, Families, or Teams. – Standard rate is $150 (incl. tax) per 50min. session. (In-person, phone, Skype).
    • Packages –
      • $400 for a 3-session package (Normally $450) (=$133.33/session)
      • $750 for a 6-session package (Normally $900) (=$125/session)
      • Those wanting to commit to longer-term therapy (6+ sessions) may be eligible for further discounts/rate negotiation.
        •  Set according to counsellor certification association recommended fee schedules. See CCPA / BCACC association links to learn more.
        • See *Sliding Scale section for lower rates for those who are in special financial circumstances (case-by-case basis).
    • Business or Organizational Training/Speaking – Inquire. Rates start as low as $25/per person/hr. or a group rate for approx. 5-10 team members could be as low as $150/hr.Training can be completely customized to your setting and issue–ask us how.
    • *Sliding Scale – Inquire. Negotiated Rate of $80-149/50 min. session. for those making less than $40,000 (approx.) per year and are suffering significant financial hardship who do not have extended health/benefits. A Masters-level counselling intern or one of Richard’s trusted colleagues at a partnering practice may be utilized in some cases. If you think you are in a special situation not mentioned here, please email (make sure to leave a voicemail) for us to work out a rate that is affordable to you.

    NOTE: Our current rates could increase at anytime. Check Rates and Insurance to ensure the most current price and policies.

    Do you offer Skype (Video) or Phone counselling?

    Absolutely–the same high quality therapy or coaching is offered online as in-person at the same price, but additional online resources are typically provided, and hours are more flexible to your needs (including lunch-times from your office). There is also a special package offer at this time when you purchase 7 Secrets of Relationship Masters: Get and Keep the Relationship You Want eCourse that includes up to 2 hours of tailored Skype or Phone coaching, if you would like to maximize your value.

    What are some of the methods you use?

    You may have heard of developing a brand identity. A brand like “Apple” is instantly associated with adjectives like creativity, success, and quality, to name a few. A “Ford Pinto” has very different connotations.

    Improving, and enhancing your identity as couple and individually is some of what we will work on with you. For example, if your previous business failed, even if this was many years ago, most entrepreneurs, without even knowing, become more wary of taking risks they need to take to succeed (risk-averse), have doubts about themselves and their abilities, and may develop an identity as a “failure.” So too with couples whose last four fights ended the same way.

    Achieving identity-level change for your relationship (whether work, family, or business-to-business) can be changed by utilizing a professional who is trained in techniques such as Dr. John Gottman’s Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Sue Johnson’s Emotionally-Focused Therapy) to help each person in the partnership/team realize the communication style you use with others (and even internally all the time) contain errors and false information. While identifying these errors and beginning to “weed them out” in your own life, we can, at the same time, turn the spot-light onto areas of success you may have long forgot, building up your resilience and memories of the good times. We also teach you how to create “connection rituals” that are like making a deposit in your collective relationship bank account, allowing you to weather the hard time’s (conflicts) better.

    When a client is depressed or in constant conflict, a state in the brain termed Negative-Sentiment-Override exists and the client becomes nearly incapable, without outside help, of seeing the bright spots in their life. By practicing the right approach, we can teach clients can learn to spot when their brain is feeding them False Evidence Appearing Real (FEARs), and counter them by themselves.

    In addition, the body’s fight-or-flight, “always-on” stress-reactions can be reduced by mind-body interventions such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy (learning how to connect better with our body and interpret the messages it tells us as well as deeply understand and connect with our partner’s feelings), and Eye-Movement Therapies such as EMDR and Observed Experiential Integration.

    Combining an expert, team-approach of Thinking and Feeling/Physical Therapies provides an integrative “double-edged sword” approach like none other, where even clients who may have had difficulty and few changes with traditional talk therapy (or even dropped out due to being overwhelmed by repeatedly talking about past difficulties), could see changes faster and feel less overwhelmed with our holistic mind-body approach.

    When the industrial giant Brazilata of Brazil wanted to improve production, they didn’t buy new machines, instead they worked with employees to create an “inventor” identity. Following modern, research-backed methodologies such as Solution-Focused Therapy, advocated by change management experts in the best-seller Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hardby Chip and Dan Heath,  shows that change, even in the most traumatized, risk-averse individuals, families, and organizations, is possible.

    How effective is R.E.V.?

    The methods we use have an amazing, close to 75% success rate (for example, 3 out of 4 couples stay together 2-5 years after therapy) as you can read here. This is exceptional compared to going to a general counsellor or couples therapist. Not using an evidence based approach for relationships, and having no specific training in relationship therapy leads to most other therapists abysmal 25% success rate, meaning within 2-5 years after therapy, an average of 3 out 4 couples divorce.

    In other words, choosing the right relationship professional does make a huge difference. It is worth it to spend time shopping around for a therapist with years of experience and supervision working with couples, families and teams, and have training and experience in an evidence-based method for relationships. Or you can save time and email us.

    How many sessions does it take to make progress?

    There is no standard amount, however, most evidence-based couples therapists (Gottman, Johnson) suggest that 3 months or approximately 12-15 sessions of working together, seeing each other for as little as once every other week (once per week recommended) gives time for a thorough assessment of where you are at, teach the whole curriculum to a better relationship, and give you the chance to have practiced the tools to a point you are beginning to be able to use them on an everyday basis to make real changes in your relationship.

    Essentially we strive to work ourselves out of a job, as we know offering the highest-quality skills to the best of our ability leads to satisfied clients who refer others. We are diametrically opposed to the all too common stereotype of some “helping professionals” keeping people “sick,” spending years talking about change, but leaving clients feeling no closer towards their goal! We want to give you clinically-backed skills that work immediately to bring you closer as a couple.

    What are some books you would recommend for further reading?

    (Available Everywhere):

    Couples/Family: 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work – Drs. John & Julie Gottman, founders of Gottman Method Couples Therapy

    Hold Me Tight: 7 Conversations for a Lifetime of Love – Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally-Focused Therapy

    Singles/Business/Friendships: The Relationship Cure – Drs. John & Julie Gottman


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